What Is The Pressure Outlet?

The Pressure Outlet Is A Small Black Owned Business, That Makes Unique Handmade, Top Tier Quality Press On Nails For Anyone Who Is Wanting The Nail Salon Look Without Having To Book! 

Can I Reuse My Sets?

Absolutely! We Encourage Multiple Usage On Any Set That Is Purchased! Take Care Of Your Nails And They Will Last Through Multiple Uses And Look Good As New!

How Long Do The Nails Last?

With Proper Care They Should Last Between 1-3 Weeks!

How Do I Figure Out My Nail Sizes?

The Best Way To Ensure You Get Your Proper Nail Sizes Would Be To Order A Sizing Kit! Tell Us What Nail Shape(s) You Are Wanting And Get A Kit Sent To You Right Away! (every nail shape does NOT fit the same, please be aware and order multiple size kits in the shapes you are wanting if you want different shapes)!

What's The Best Way To Apply The Nails?

We Have 5 Easy Steps In Order To Ensure Long Lasting Nails!

  1. Make Sure Your Nails Are Free Of Any Product.
  2. Push Cuticles Back With A Provided Wood Stick, Making Sure The Cuticle Lifts Off The Nail Plate For Better Adhesion (PRESSURE TIP: Use Shape Of Press On To Push Cuticle Back. This Allows The Shape To Match With Your Cuticle Much Better).
  3. File Down All Nails And Buff The Entire Natural Nail (PRESSURE TIP: Get As Close To The Cuticle As Possible For Better Adhesion).
  4. Wipe All Nail Debris Away With Provided Alcohol Wipe.
  5. Apply Nail Sticker Or Glue. Add A Drop Of Glue Onto The Underside Of The False Nail In The Center Part That Is Curved. Add A Thin Layer Across The Entire Natural Nail. If glue Spills Out, Take The Alcohol Wipe Right Away To Clean It Off. If You Don’t It Can Mess Up The Press On Nail. Hold The Nail For 15-30 seconds. (PRESSURE TIP: For A More "Salon" Look Align The Nail With The Center Of The Finger Not The Center Of the Nail).

We Advise You To Avoid Water For At Least 2 Hours After Applying The Nails Due To The Glue Still Needing To Fully Dry. In Order To Make Sure Your Nails Stay Fresh And Hydrated Apply Cuticle Oil!

How Do I Remove The Nails?

With A Bowl Of Hot Water, Add A Few Pumps Of Soap To The Bowl (PRESSURE TIP: Olive Oil Or Other Oil Available Works Quicker For Slip Offs). Soak hands for 15-20 Minutes. Use A Provided Wood Stick. If The Nail Feels Loose Enough, Remove It. If Not, Continue To Soak Until It Is Ready. Use A Fine Grit Buffing Block To Remove Excess On Natural Nail Beds. Put Your Nails Back Into The Container For The Next Use.